On-Site Lab

Image Detail Our on-site lab gives us the flexibility that an ordinary eye center cannot provide. We can offer a fast turnaround time without compromising the accuracy of your prescription. When you order glasses from an ordinary provider, your eyeglasses can pass through a dozen or more hands before they return. At Drs. Kline, Boyd & Chivers, your glasses are custom crafted and fitted by the same optician who helped you choose your frame and lenses. No other optical center offers this degree of precision and personalization.

Need glasses fast? We stock hundreds of prescriptions in house when the unexpected happens.

"There's nothing we can’t do."

If your lenses are scratched and your frame is in good shape, we can duplicate the prescription and bring back your clear vision. Has your prescription only changed in one eye? No need to ship off your frame and wait weeks...let our opticians take care of it, many times while you wait.